Uses For Five Gallon Buckets

Five gallon buckets are literally a universal camping object, that I personally believe everyone should bring with them. They, are light-weight, durable, easy to transport, and have so many uses. Such as:
  • Store food. The sealed lid helps keep food fresh as well as prevents insects from making their way into open pringles containers. You can also use the handle and hang the bucket from a tree limb to keep bears and other unwanted creatures out of it.
  • Store clothes in them when it rains. They're waterproof so if a storm comes through you don't need to shove everything into your tent. If you have a five gallon bucket you can pack clothes inside to keep the rain from drenching them.
  • Use them as a seat! They're the perfect size and height for sitting around a camp fire. Want something a bit more comfy? Bring a small 'chair pillow' and put it on top. Most garden sections have cushions for outdoor chairs- they work perfect for buckets because they're weather proof.
  • Wash dishes! They can withstand heat better than some plastic tubs, so you can boil water, pour it in, and use them as a 'sink' to wash dishes.
  • Store kindling. Just like with the clothes, you can gather up kindling at the beginning of your camping trip and them keep it dry from the rain. No more worrying about finding dry kindling after a storm- or at all, because you already have it stored away conveniently beside the fire!
  • Whiteboards for kids. Bring a collection of dry erase markers and an eraser. Your kiddies can use the plain white buckets as drawing areas. When they're finished they can wipe away the marks and start over again the next day... or hour- depending how 'bored' they get. It's a great way to keep toddlers busy!

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